Pooja Patel

Location: Auckland, New Zealand 🇳🇿

📊 Qualified Chartered Accountant

About Me:

📊 Qualified Chartered Accountant
🌟 Proud Kiwi-Indian with a Unique Identity
🏙️ True Aucklander Who Adores the City of Sails
📅 A Decade-Long Follower of Miss IndiaNZ
🇳🇿 Balancing Two Worlds with Pride
🎉 Hobbies: Event Planning, Cooking/Baking
✈️ Passionate Travel Enthusiast

Pooja Patel, a Kiwi-Indian with a distinctive identity, finds immense pride in her roots and the vibrant culture she embodies. As a true Aucklander, she holds a deep affection for the enchanting City of Sails and all it has to offer.

For over a decade, Pooja has been an avid follower of Miss IndiaNZ, and now she’s ready to take the stage herself. Her motivation to participate is twofold: to delve deeper into her rich cultural heritage and to proudly represent her identity as both a New Zealander and a person of Indian descent. She considers herself fortunate to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Professionally, Pooja is a qualified Chartered Accountant, demonstrating her dedication to her career. However, her interests extend far beyond the corporate world. She finds joy in event planning, whipping up delicious culinary creations, and sharing her love for both cooking and baking.

Pooja’s life has also been touched by the rhythm and grace of Bollywood dancing, and she’s no stranger to the joy it brings. Additionally, her wanderlust knows no bounds. Traveling is not just a hobby; it’s a passion that fuels her curiosity about the world.

Follow Pooja’s journey as she combines her professional expertise, cultural pride, and zest for life on the Miss IndiaNZ stage, showcasing the beauty of her heritage and celebrating the blend of her two worlds. 🌏🌟🎉 #KiwiIndianPride #CulturalHeritage #MissIndiaNZContestant


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