Introducing the Remarkable Trailblazers of Miss IndiaNZ: Meet the Extraordinary Team Behind New Zealand's Unforgettable Annual Event

Name: Swapna Joshi

Profession: Airline Relationship Manager at Air New Zealand

Passion: Creative Arts

Swapna is a talented professional who dedicates her days to her role as an Airline Relationship Manager at Air New Zealand. However, it is in her spare time that she truly shines, pursuing her passion in the creative arts industry. Swapna’s involvement in the Miss IndiaNZ pageant since 2002 has been nothing short of remarkable. As the creative director of the event, she brings her expertise and creativity to ensure its success year after year.

Swapna’s commitment to the Miss IndiaNZ pageant goes beyond her role as a creative director. She is also a co-producer, working closely with her husband to bring the event to life. With her exceptional organizational skills and attention to detail, Swapna ensures clear communication with contestants and the Kiwi-Indian community. She understands the importance of fostering a strong connection between the pageant and the community it represents.

One of Swapna’s key contributions to the Miss IndiaNZ pageant is her impeccable music selection for the catwalk. By carefully curating uplifting and captivating music, she adds a layer of excitement and energy to the event. Swapna’s dedication and passion for the pageant have garnered continued interest and support from Kiwi-Indians across Aotearoa.

Swapna Parikh is a shining example of someone who effortlessly balances her professional responsibilities with her creative pursuits. Her contributions to the Miss IndiaNZ pageant have made it a resounding success, year after year, and her dedication to the Kiwi-Indian community is truly commendable.

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Shaping Dreams & Inspiring Beauty: Introducing Swapna Joshi - Creative Director